Main areas of focus

Sustainable food production

We aim to encourage and inspire the community to grow their own produce, maintain their own veggie gardens and create sustainable solutions for their families to help to combat food insecurity.

Hunger relief efforts

Our projects aim to ensure that all people have access to food regardless of their socioeconomic status, living situation or personal circumstances. We believe all Australians should have access to fresh food that has been sustainably grown and our goal is to create simple solutions that help to make this possible.

Awareness and education

Awareness and Education is at the heart of everything we do. Our organisation aims to both inspire and educate not only this generation but also future generations so we're able to create a better future. We do this by hosting a variety of fun, interactive and informative sessions with both individuals and community organisations.

Helping people in need

We're committed to helping others and we support individuals and organisations in many ways. We support and assist a range of people and projects doing great things throughout the community to maximise our impact and create as much change as possible

This is our story

We created 2EASY Inc. with the dream of building a better, more sustainable future.

During the COVID-19 global pandemic we noticed a major increase in food insecurity within the community and decided we wanted to make a change. Our mission is to inspire others to take the steps to learn more about producing their own food and living more sustainably.


Current projects

In 2021, we're launching our first campaign - Easy Trees. This campaign aims to raise awareness about sustainable food, encourage children and the wider community to learn more about planting their own fruit plants and to increase the number of fruit trees throughout the Ballarat region.

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